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|| राह अर्जुन की, पता कृष्ण का ||

Strengthen Your Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness With Arjuna Focus 2.0

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Arjuna Focus 2.o

Sunday, 12 June 2022 | Time : 11:00 AM


Arjuna Focus 2.o

Sunday, 12 June 2022 | Time : 11:00 AM

Learn How to inculcate The Qualities of Arjuna such as Clarity and Thoughtlessnes,  Intense Focus, Patience, Persistence & Performance, Courage and Fearlessness with Utmost Centeredness. and Balance. The Same qualities are applicable in Business, Relations and Career.

1.5M+ Lives Touched with Supreme
Divine Intervention of Vibhushri Ji

"After the workshop, I find myself more relaxed. I began losing unwanted weight, and my skin became healthier. I am feeling younger by the day. I also find that I have become more stable. Happiness and sadness are just the same to me now, and I simply deal with whatever life throws at me. I have attracted three houses in one year. One is a gift from my parents, another is a gift to me by my in-laws, and I bought one for myself. All of this has just happened without any planning or effort on my part. My inner faculties have awakened. I sense things before they happen. I can enter the no-thought state easily. I have better control over anger. My parents, my husband and my friends are of the opinion that I have changed for the better."
Rachna Rajguru
IT Professional Kochi
"I consider my meeting with Vibhushri the most fortunate ‘coincidence’ of my life. Since my first workshop in Muscat about a year ago, I have travelled many times to India to attend his courses and retreats. I have also repeated several courses. Every time I attend one of his programs, it feels like what is being given is just what I need. What I have received at the programs has quenched some deepest thirsts on material as well as spiritual levels. Job opportunities have opened up. Least expected promotions have come through. More significantly, I have experienced a profound stability. I can meditate for hours and carry the silence I gather through these spiritual exercises with me to my daily life. I get fearful these days at how I don’t experience fear anymore even when I am in the most difficult circumstances."
Saleem Amanulla
Senior Vice President - Ground Services Oman Air
"I have been attending Vibhushri’s workshops for several years now and I have grown with every workshop. I have become more centred, and my health, wealth, relationships and overall wellbeing have improved greatly. I have also started contributing towards the health and wellbeing of others. One of the key benefits that I have obtained due to Vibhushri’s grace is continuous spiritual growth."
Pankaj Juyal
IT Project Manager Finland
"Since attending the workshop, I have become more health conscious and find that I do not crave non-vegetarian food as much. I find that the workshop has improved my patience, made me less judgmental, less argumentative at home and compassionate with people I found unbearable earlier. My family agrees that I have changed for the better."
Atul Mudholkar
Country Head at an MNC Mumbai

This Program is for You, If You Want To....

Every aspect of your life requires a strong foundation where you can stand still and undivided without confusion, this course is designed to bring complete stability.

This course prepares us to stay grounded in any situation.

12 June 2022 At 11:00


What Exactly You Will Experience When You Start Following This Spiritual Direction?

The Journey of Arjuna

The Journey of Arjuna

First Chapter: (From Vishad Yoga to Prasad Yoga)
From Depressed to Graceful
He Takes the Charge by Blowing Conch.
Analyze that own relatives are against him (contents of others and bondages of relatives)
Works on Ancestry clearing (VarnaSankar DNA Activation)

Second Chapter: SthitPragya
Getting ready for the war of life with great Stability, Centeredness & Certitude

Till 18 Chapters: Karma, Gyan & Bhakti.

Hear it From Those Who Experienced It

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12 June 2022 At 11:00


Meet Your Guiding Light, Vibhushri Ji

Shri. Rivesh Vade, popularly known as Nada Yogi Vibhushri, is today a synonym of revolutionary transformation by realizing the true self through effortless yet high-impact technology of sound. His journey to being an eminent guide for sincere seekers, although, was not without remarkable turning points in his life.

Academically, an Engineering college graduate and have completed Executive Management from IIT Bombay. He has worked with corporates in senior positions in his career. He also founded Wellness Vibe & BodhMarga Foundation to conduct workshops and retreats around the country, throughout India, UAE, UK & Thailand to awaken people in their spiritual journey. He is the creator of ‘PowerBrain’ music tracks, exclusively designed for holistic transformation.

He was invited as the ‘CHIEF SPEAKER’ of the Culture of Peace – Annual UNESCO Chair Programme at MIT World Peace University in 2021.

His connection with Siddha Vibhutis and Guru Tattva strengthened. Revelations of sacred texts like Bhagwad Gita, SpandaShastra, and Pasaydaan from Sant Dyaneshwar Maharaj Mauli’s lineage and

downloads of an un-obvious path for sudden awakening started to unfold.

In fact, the name Vibhushri itself is ascribed from Vibhuti Yoga in Bhagwad Gita and Vibhuti Pada stated in Yogasutra. 

Awakening becomes a possibility in this very life when the patterns dissolve in the light of awareness.” – Nada Yogi Vibhushri

Times group Award winner sound & Frequency expert with epigenetics background. In this high impact course, he Puts 10 years of spiritual coaching Journey With Simple message “Grow Consciously Effortlessly”

His Message For You…

Not Just mastering the effort but the energy dynamics. Think like Arjuna, Act like Arjuna, succeed and Vibrate like Arjuna, no matter how challenging the situations or people are. Vibrate Higher!

After completing This Session
You will Experience High Intensity of….

12 June 2022 At 11:00


See Some Qualities Of Arjuna's


Penance, Performance, Persistence, Presence & Patience


Discipline, Humbleness


Focus, Certitude, Higher Aim of Divinity


 Integrity & Surrender


Vyavharic, Right Conduct

 Our Purpose is to Bring qualities of Arjuna to every success seeker and the enthusiast of an achiever’s life through this Workshop. The Same qualities are applicable in Business, Relations and Career.

12 June 2022 At 11:00


Facts about Arjuna's


Arjuna is a state of Balanced ENERGY where one is continuously aware of his Sensations, Thoughts, and Speech. Aiming at higher without creating bondage yet with great Productivity. (Beyond the Sanjaya’s effort he receives grace)


His above State is Natural though it has multiple Karmic Patterns and Energetic layer


Swashtya by Siddha-Nadayoga and Modern Resonance Theory can help Remove Certain Patterns and layers by using Brainwave Tracks


Where can we measure these? Can we really become like Arjuna? Yes we can Measure by studying EEG, EKG and many other instruments

The Brainwave Changes, the Heartbeat improves, and Balance in Physical Chemistry is seen to be Improved


12 June 2022 At 11:00


Frequently asked Questions ?

Session will start at sharp 11AM on 19th June. Start joining atleast 20 minutes earlier since in the past also we have seen few people are left outside zoom since even having high capacity of zoom then also no of attendees go beyond our expectation always.

This will be live session. No recording will be shared since we want you to be highly attentive and start practicing consciousness from the session itself.

Need to attend using Laptop/PC for Maximum Benefit, Keep Diary and Pen Ready to Note the Key Takeaways where You are Moved, Inspired and Inclined to take Actions.

See More Inspirational Testimonials...

" This Program has made me a better psychologist. it has helped me get rooted, which as a result has improved the positive outcomes for my clients and helped them bolster their own confidence."
Sucheta Khot
Psychologist Thane
Of all the transformations workshop has ushered into my life, I count my improved capacity to love as the one I am most grateful for. I am at peace, full of joy and I radiate love for all.
Tejal Anandajiwala
Teacher Mumbai
"A few months after my brain stroke, I attended Vibhushri’s workshop. My blurry vision cleared up. The techniques taught at the workshop helped me calm my mind. They helped me sit for longer durations without getting disturbed. My body started assuming yoga poses on its own, which lasted up to two- and-a-half hours. This continues to happen. I am more satisfied with my work today. I feel abundant, and also experience a quiet sense of achievement. Many people have noticed the new, more emphatic and calmer Teresa. I am forever grateful to Vibhushri for being in my life, and helping me transform it."
Teresa Yang
Entrepreneur Mumbai
" Vibhushri’s workshop in 2020 transformed my health, family life and spiritual practice. Since connecting to the Guru Tattva, I am always in a state of love for all around me. I always craved for an experience of life as beautiful as the one I am experiencing every day now. "
Haresh Jain
Entrepreneur New Delhi
" I had achieved all my professional goals but I was burnt out, stressed and highly disturbed emotionally. I had lost the desire and will to continue working. I was extremely unhappy. I had many questions but no answers. I had tried Reiki, Past-Life Regression, and many kinds of meditation, including Vipassana. All this helped me to some extent but I kept struggling to find inner balance. All this has changed since my first workshop with Vibhushri. I immediately felt peace and happiness within. The feeling persisted way after the workshop ended. I also found the answers I was looking for. I found clarity in my career as well. There is peace and harmony within me now and in my house too. Everything is better than it used to be. I am thankful to Vibhushri. His mere presence brings peace and harmony to those who are fortunate to associate with him.Vibhushri changed my life. He helped me clear my mental blockages. I had been contemplating suicide before I had the good fortune of attending his courses."
Poonam Marwah
Senior IT Professional New Delhi
I participated in my first Workshop of Vibhushri in 2016. I attended the workshop two more times after that, and look forward to attending more workshops in the near future. I was suffering from an incurable disease as well as depression. I have two children, and I used to be worried about them. On the day of the workshop, Vibhushri told me to forget I had a disease.You are healthy in this movement, he said. All my reports from that point have come normal since then. This was literally a miracle for me. My health improved greatly then on. I had differences with my in-laws that caused me so much stress that I had to seek counseling. I had forgotten what it meant to be happy. After the workshop, I learned to extend my forgiveness to them, which opened the doors of happiness for me. I was born and brought up in a chawl, which changed after the workshop and we were able to purchase a small home and that too without a loan. It was unthinkable that such a thing could happen considering what I had been going through. Three years later, we built a small bungalow in our village. At work, I have become calmer, and I worry less and my moods are stable. I used to be excessively sentimental and would panic for the smallest reason. I have changed I notice and this is something that my husband, my kids, my colleague and my relatives have also pointed out. My suggestion is that every person on earth should attend the Navel Workshop at least once in life.
Kadambari Acharekar
Healthcare Professional, Mumbai
" From being fearful and stressed all the time over trivial things, I have become more fearless, compassionate and loving thanks to Vibhushri’s Workshops."
Dr. Meeta Gandhi
Professor, D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering Mumbai
" Attending Vibhushri’s workshops marked the beginning of the removal of old blockages. I could witness how these energy blockages were created by accumulated karma, oversensitivity and overthinking. The energy changes in the body deepened my love and compassion for humanity. I am viewing the world with a look of acceptance which, in turn, has changed the quality of my experiences. I now can cope with life better and the people I meet reflect more and more my calmness. Sometimes the mind tries to go back to older habits where it would interpret and analyse people’s words and gestures. But the navel is awaken and lets me know whether something is right or wrong. It gives me a sense of stability, a continuous state of joy unaltered by exterior events, confidence and unwavering trust. Silencing the mind and living from the navel is like getting a new life in a new body and a new environment. Life is lived from a place of calm joy where any experience is welcome; it is not good, nor bad. It is only an experience meant to make me stronger and assist my spiritual growth. Before reaching this state, there were times of doubts, but they were dissipated as it was brought into my awareness that darkness makes itself more present when the light is about to enter."
Antonela Costea
Language and literature teacher Bucharest, Romania
" Vibhushri’s gift in the form of his Workshop came to me in 2015 and created a wellspring of peace within me. It brought abundance into my life. Earlier, I would always feel dull and drained of energy. My energy levels have improved by several degrees following the workshop."
Ramandeep Kaur
Yoga Teacher Guwahati

So What Would You Choose?

Keep on Taking Actions your whole life without any Clarity of Path, Clarity of Who You are and What is Your Ultimate Potential, Just Like a Shooter without Aim.


Activate Your Spiritual Potential & Achieve State of Arjuna with Clarity and Thoughtlessnes, Intense Focus, Patience, Persistence & Performance, Courage and Fearlessness with Utmost Centeredness.

The Choice is Yours

Arjuna Focus 2.o

​Onboarding starts on Monday at 11 AM

Session will start at sharp 11AM on 19th June. Start joining atleast 20 minutes earlier since in the past also we have seen few people are left outside zoom since even having high capacity of zoom then also no of attendees go beyond our expectation always.

12 June 2022 At 11:00


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